For some reason I was born in Germany in the 20th century. Sometimes I wonder why. Why not some centuries earlier or in a country, where people live a more easy, slow and simple life.

The way I live is not really up to date. There are not so many people left, who like to do things with their hands. And I admit: It is rather foolish to do so. Everything can be made by machines and it will be cheaper and more perfect and hands will not be tired and not get hurt. But I cannot stop it. And I cannot find a toy made by machine, which is as nice, friendly, warm, true and characteristic as the ones I do.

I think: Children deserve the best. If a child loves my figurines, carry them around everywhere, takes them to bed, thinks up a lot of stories with them, loves them for many years, then they are good toys.

And I am lucky, there will never be a machine able to copy my woodbooks.

But at the same time products (at least the toys) should not be extremely expensive. I achieve that by working really quick and rather simple. And it is good to be simple, because details and anatomy destroy the quiet, true and beautiful form.

Not only woodcarving is, what I like to do with my hands. There are four children in our family and we do a lot of things: building, woodworking, painting, baking, gardening. We have goats and chicken and bees and so many apple trees and: I don’t intend to carve any figurines from their wood but just eat their delicious fruits…