An Hollow Linden Trunk

The soft and rotten inside has to be removed.

The doors are cut. On the left side the remains from inside stand like skyscrapers.

The doors are still too thick. Carefully I remove more layers to dig down to the good wood.

The bark as well has to be smoothed.

Under the gray outside a reddish brown layer appears.

It is not possible to make any exact drawing on the rough bark.


Before cutting the figurines the doors have to be plain.

The first step of carving is with the ax.

The cutting is done. It is due to mold the wood has these decorative lines.

I am smoothing the cutouts.

This little machine does a great job in sanding.

After a week of work – like fresh brown bread. They look tasty…

Today I opened up the tree, adding some more hinges. Now you can display the inside and you have more varieties to arrange the Holy Family.


The tree opens slowly.

In this gallery you can see the finished Nativity: