marbled beech wood

This Christmas crib I carved from marbeled beech wood. This wood I find in our surrounding forests. The decorative lines and grain appear if the wood lays in the moist forest for several years. There I must find it, dry it and stop thus the process of decay. Nevertheless this wood is not as strong any more as fresh beech wood. So I do not consider it to be a toy for small children. Rather it is for lovers of the beauty of nature and art. When I do the carving I have the feeling there was an artist working on this much greater than I am.

Theese three pages are bound together an can be opened and closed. The figurines you can take out during Christmas time and in again thereafter.

You find inside: Mary with the child in her arms, Joseph, three Wise Kings, a shepard, sheep, two lambs, goat, two goat-kids, ox, donkey and the star of Bethlehem (which can be inserted on top).IMG_b0011 IMG_b0010 IMG_b0009 IMG_b0008