Learn how to Carve

Here I show pictures about carving. First an angel, than an horse. Who wants to learn it? The world is big and diverse. There must be people who don’t just want to press buttons with their hands, people who want to create something, not virtually, but genuinely to touch. Our hands are a wonderful tool and this work brings a feeling of happiness to those who have created something and also to those who hold something in their hands, who feel, smell and look at it. It is a sensual deed.

Yes, I am ready for a person to show up and want to learn this art from me, even at the risk of creating competition for myself. I think there must be a large enough market for these simple and honest wooden figurines. But I warn: the carving is slow, not for the fast-paced time. You probably need a rich inner life in order not to experience the many hours as boring.