Kontrast with sapwood and heartwood

IMG_0407 IMG_0406 IMG_0405 IMG_0404 IMG_0403 IMG_0402 IMG_0400 IMG_0398 IMG_0397 IMG_0396 IMG_0395 IMG_0394 IMG_0393 IMG_0391 IMG_0390This Nativity is carved from a fallen plum tree. The beginning of decay makes the interesting lines and colors, same as in autumn time the end of the year colors the leaves. Yes, birth is always between death and life and something has to fall for something else to rise. And there is more to it. The outer side shows the light color of the sapwood symbolizing the visible, the daytime and the light, the inner side of the tree is in dark brown and reddish tones, symbolizing the invisible, the unknown, the night. So you can look at it from  both sides.